Roulette Italy

Every casino player will certainly want to place a few bets at one of the most famous tables in the world, namely roulette. In particular, let's take a closer look at Roulette Italy, the perfect live dealer game for Italian users since the croupier will speak in their language and it will also be very easy to interact with him or her.

How to play Roulette Italy

 Before you start playing Roulette Italy, figure out the best bet for your personal budget. Below you will find the various chips of different denominations that you can click on to place one or more bets on the table. As you will know, in the game of roulette you can place several bets at the same time.

Remember, however, that being a live game, the time to place your bet is limited, so you will have to choose quickly. In the event that the croupier closes the games before you have managed to place your bet, you will have to wait for the next spin.

On the left-hand side of the screen and at the bottom centre, you will find table pictures that will come in handy when deciding which numbers to bet on or which side bets to place (e.g. Red or Black). In the left-hand diagram you will find special bets, such as Orphans, Neighbours to 0 and 5-8.

Characteristics and Advantages
First of all, we have to say that we are talking about French roulette, i.e. with numbers ranging from 1 to 36, and there is only one green box, i.e. the 0.
The main advantage of this game created by Pragmatic Live, is that the dealers speak in Italian. Thus, you can ask them for information about the game and talk to them during the games. Usually, in fact, in many live streaming tables, the dealers speak a foreign language and this makes the game less interesting.
One of the most interesting features, however, concerns the graphics and the shots. You should know that there are no less than four camera angles in this game, which makes it all the more fascinating as you can enjoy every detail, even when the ball is spinning in the roulette wheel.

Bonus symbols
Not being a slot machine, there are obviously no Wild, Scatter or other icons. In roulette, however, one must still be able to recognise certain elements. For example, the secondary bets that are located at the bottom. In addition to Red and Black, which is certainly one of the most popular bets, there is also Even (Even) or Odd (Odd). The winnings are equal to twice your bet.

In addition, you can also bet on all numbers in an entire column (prize equal to three times your stake) or on whether the ball will land on a number in the first or second half.

Mobile experience with Roulette Italy

Pragmatic Live, the section dedicated to games with live streaming dealers, allows you to play from mobile without difficulty. In fact, the game is optimised according to the device from which you bet. This, therefore, means that if you play from a tablet or smartphone, whether Android or iOS, there will be no difference to the desktop version.

Roulette Italy Free Spins or Real Money

Roulette Italy, as is often the case with live dealer tables, is not available in demo mode. On the other hand, however, you can go in search of bonuses and promotions that allow you to play for free anyway, but with the advantage of aiming for real winnings.

In short
Roulette Italy has a Return to Player of over 96%, which is above average. In addition, it is also a classic game at home, and perfect for those users who dream of being at a real table.
If you want to place a few bets at the Pragmatic Live dealer table, register here at NetBet.