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NetBet Roulette Slot Game Guide

The very best classic casino roulette games — that’s what we have here at NetBet. All the top roulette games you’d get from a brick-and-mortar casino are here on our website, just waiting for you to enjoy them

How to play NetBet Roulette Slot:

Whether you are a beginner or have played Roulette a few times, it is important to understand that Roulette is really a game of pure chance. So don't be intimidated. So, let's turn the wheel to discover this game! (1) Find a table that suits your budget based on the chips or minimum bets for each table. (2) Get chips from the dealer. (3) Place your bets (Roulette chips) on the desired location on the table before the dealer says “nothing is going right”. (4) The ball comes to rest on a square on the wheel and the dealer announces the winning number, the color and whether it is an odd or even number. (5) The dealer sweeps the losing chips towards him, pays the winning bets and removes a piece of clear plastic, called a “dolly,” from the table to indicate the start of the next round.

Features and Benefits:

Straight-up bets, where you wager on a unique number, are the easier to play but have long odds, so it's worth learning the more advanced types of betting to stand more chances of boosting your bankroll.

Bonus Symbols:

If you're new NetBet, then you're close to have your roulette career with us off to the simplest start with our Welcome Bonus. Once you've got registered your details, enter the bonus code, WELCOME NB and your bonus are going to be in your account instantly to play with anywhere within the Casino. On top of all that, you’ll collect 10 Free Spins to play on Age of The Gods on our Vegas site. Keep inspecting back with our Promotions page because playing online roulette could spell big prizes for you.

NetBet Roulette Games Mobile Experience

Our roulette games are fully responsive, so you'll play on your smartphone or tablet with ease. Simply confirm your mobile device is connected to the web, download the app or access the NetBet Casino as normal, and you will get an equivalent great visuals and bonus features across devices.

Free Spin or Real Money:

It's easy to get carried away by the excitement when playing Roulette. Here's why it's best to set a budget before you start playing: Establish how much you want to spend and bring it in cash. Think of it as an entertainment budget for the evening, like money you would set aside to eat out and see a movie. You can also consider setting a winnings limit; the amount after which you plan to stop playing, even if you are in a winning streak.

Quick Facts:

This is common place with online roulette and playing roulette in casinos. It is basically to hide the losses and keep those little wins piling up. It is safety first to bet during this fashion, and one which roulette players use frequently.

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  • Dec5, 2022