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NetBet Blackjack

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NetBet Blackjack Slot Game Guide

NetBet Blackjack is like all other regular casino games where players compete with the house. The great features loaded in the game make it one of the most interesting casino games.

How to play NetBet Blackjack

One of the reasons people love to play this game is because it is simple. You have to lay a bet. The least amount you can use is $1. After that, you will receive two cards from the dealer. You will also be shown one of the dealer’s cards. If you like, you can always double what you bet. Just do it before splitting your bet. Even though you will be given the chance to continue adding cards, you have to be careful. If your cards exceed 21, you will lose. To win in Netbet blackjack, all your cards should have more value than that of your dealer.

Features and Benefits

At NetBet casino, you will get the best features of NetBet Blackjack. Even though people prefer to play a single deck, it is not available most times. You will often find 6 or 8 decks. The majority of software providers even offer 8 decks. After shuffling, cards will be removed from the deck. Then dealing will start immediately. In NetBet casino, some rules known as ‘vegas rules’ are used, where two cards will be taken with the remaining players. This move ensures an early peek and a great return to player ratio.

Bonus Symbols

The bonus bets are always played differently. They are not played with the regular game. That is why people refer to them as side-bets. If you want to play bonus bets with us, you should place your bet as a side-bet. The side-bet circle can be found beside the regular NetBet blackjack bet. You will find the payoff table of side-bets on the regular game table. Each bonus is assigned a separate table.

Bet Size

If you bet with a small amount, the busting risk will reduce. On the other hand, large bets will always increase your chance of gaining. It will be far better than the expected return. The chance of loss also increases with large bets. At times, bet size might affect average gain if there is busting. To select the right bet size, you should put everything into consideration. When you are entitled to bonuses, NetBet casino pays you on time – one of the numerous reasons you should use our services.

Rules of playing NetBet Blackjack

The combination of card values is what determines wins and losses. If you get hands valued at 4, 6, and 5. Your score will be 15. The score is always the addition of all the figures you get. Different cards have different values in NetBet Blackjack. As face cards are valued at 10, aces are valued at 11. Some aces are even valued at 1. We also use these same sets of values in our casino. The goal is to have a high card combination that is not up to 21. A combination of cards with a value greater than 21 are called busts.

Mobile Experience

When it comes to NetBet, you will have the full Blackjack experience on your mobile. Since you can’t take your desktop everywhere, you can download the game on your mobile device and play on the go. Just like the web version, the mobile version is easy to play. It works on almost all smartphones. You just have to download and install it properly. Since the mobile version is improved on frequently, you have to keep checking for new updates.


Even if you’re a beginner, you’re going to find NetBet Blackjack interesting. With us, you can easily learn the game and start playing. Since the odds offered are good, you’re going to win big. Unlike other casino games, you have a lot of control over the result of your game.

  • Mar22, 2023