Gaming One

Mega Spinner

How to Play Mega Spinner Slot

Setting up the game isn't an arduous task. Here's how to set it up. 

• In the gaming interface, click on the question mark symbol positioned to the far bottom-left of the screen to see the pay-table. 

• In the same location, use the sound symbol to control the sounds

 • There's a bet size section located beside the "?" symbol. Use the - and + sign to adjust your bets.

 • To start rolling the reels, click on Spin. 

 • The game comes with an auto-spin feature that allows you to relax while the system does the spinning for you. 

 Tip: To gamble responsibly, ensure you put aside a budget. When using auto-spins, never forget to secure your bankroll by setting a stop limit for auto-spins. If it gets too exhausting, you can take a break and get back later refreshed to play on NetBet casino.

Features and Benefits

This Gaming1 Mega slot is set up on a grid of 5 reels and 3 rows. It has 20 paylines and has a return to player percentage of 95.90%. This slot comes with high volatility which means that winnings may not come too often but you can expect great wins when they come.  Bonus features of wilds, free spins, re-spins, multipliers and jackpots are offered in this game giving players the chance to win big!

Bonus Symbols

• Wild symbol: The joker wild is the wild symbols. It comes in place of every other symbol asides from the wheel bonus.

 • Bonus reel: Get 3-wheel bonuses and unlock the Mega Spinner bonus reel. Excitingly, you may not need to land 3; landing just 2-wheel bonuses can randomly trigger the bonus reel. Hence, locking the bonus reel and activating a re-spin feature that could get you that additional icon. 

 • The Mega Spinner Wheel bonus: This bonus features multipliers of up to 5x, up to 1000 credits, up to 5x mega spins and a jackpot. Activating the jackpot requires the player to align the JACK, PO & T sections on top of the wheel. It's up to you to accept or decline the initial prize, but as you keep spinning, the prize will automatically be given to you from your final spin.

 • Mega Spins Games: Immediately you finish the mega wheel spins, your free spins begin. To determine the multiplier up to 10x, you spin another wheel.

Graphics, Theme and Soundtrack

If you focus on the graphics, you may be disappointed as the game isn't graphically impressive. Away from the graphics, the theme displays dull browns, greens and purples. Nothing special about the theme. Moving to the soundtracks, it features a faint soundtrack that doesn't ignite any excitement. Asides from these, Mega Spinner is worth playing cos of the great features of the game.

Mega Spinner Mobile Experience

Although some older slots do not come with a mobile version, casino gaming software developers have improved with the newer versions, like the Mega Spinner slot having mobile support. Mega Spinner is always available for play on your mobile devices. The game has been optimised for full play on your Android, iPhone, tablets and any other mobile device. Start playing on your mobile device and enjoy the fun the game brings.

Final Verdict

Even though Mega Spinner appears graphically bland, Gaming1 makes up for this con in the feature aspect. The high volatility of this game means it'll be a bit challenging landing wins and you'll need to increase your stake to unlock all the features. But when you land wins, you can expect a big cash-out! Conclusively, Mega Spinner offers more than you'll think at first.