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Mega Moolah Slot Game Guide

Mega Moolah is one of the casino slots available for play at NetBet Casino. The game was powered by Games Global. It is categorized under Jackpot Slot. The game comes with various interesting features.

How to play Mega Moolah

As Mega Moolah has 5 reels, it has just 3 rows. The machine is simple to read and understand. Paylines run from left to right. In total, there are 25 pay lines. The game also contains a bonus round which consists of wild multipliers. Unlike other casino slots, it has a jackpot bonus wheel. There are no requirements for making use of this feature. You will be given the bonus wheel at random. The majority of the symbols used in the game were inspired by lions, giraffes, and the likes.

Features and Benefits

Even though there have been no changes to Mega Moolah graphics in a long time, the game is still relevant. The mobile version of the game was also built to be the same as the original version. The soundtrack even helps to improve the user experience. The music featured in the game goes in line with the positive atmosphere. Different bet limits are offered in different casinos. And this is one of the reasons you should visit us. We offer a great bet range to people who play with us.


The RTP is a value that represents the total amount of money players get after playing sessions. For slots, the RTP can never be above 100%. The reason for this low figure is that a lot of people win big in Mega Moolah. The RTP is 88.12%. When you’re considering the progressive jackpots, the official RTP doesn’t matter. The RTP changes when progressive jackpots are included. It even goes as high as 96%. It is often considered a high volatility game. Even though the risks are high, it is still worth playing. The payouts are always huge.

Mega Moolah Mobile Experience

Since Mega Moolah is arguably one of the best games from Games Global, it deserves mobile support on Apple and Android devices. Games Global has made the game available for people that wish to play on mobile devices. It runs on all mobile devices including tablets. Since the game was developed about 15 years ago, it is still compatible with a lot of old mobile devices. You can always play smoothly with us. We also allow our customers to play the big progressive jackpots.

Bonus symbols

There are 2 bonus features available in Mega Moolah. They are ‘double wild wins’ and ‘free spins.’ The free spin feature gives you a 3x of all your wins. There is a requirement for using the free spins. When you get the doctor scatter symbol, at least, 3 times on a single spin, you will get a payout of at least 3x the total amount you stake. When you get up to 15 spins, you will get 3x of all your wins. To reactivate the free spins, all you need are 3 scatters. In total, you might end up getting 30 free spins.


Even if the progressive element is not active, Mega Moolah will remain one of the best slot games. With maximum use of the free spins, you can secure a huge payout. The designs used in the game are simple. Beginners would find it easy to learn and start playing the game. To enjoy all the interesting features, you should consider playing with us.

  • Mar22, 2023