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Jacks or Better Slot Game Guide

This video poker slot contains 52 standard decks of cards. The low house edge entices a lot of players to the game. Launching the game opens you up to a deep-blue background. In this game, you need to land a good hand to secure the jackpot. There're two playing methods here - the manual play method and the auto-play method. The game rules stay the same for both playing methods. Just land a good hand to stand a chance of winning big!

How to Play Jacks or Better Slot

Start by launching the game on NetBet, then choose your bet amount and the bet level. After that, you select the number of coins to play (paylines). Your stake per hand is the number of coins multiplied by the bet value. 

 When you click on the "Deal" button, it flips the cards over, showing you the hands to be dealt. You can hold any card you wish to. Once you hold the card, then use the "draw" button to replace unheld cards. Once the last hand is compared with the paytable, the winnings are paid out respectively.

Features and Benefits

The game has a gamble feature in which you get to double your earnings. In this feature, 5 cards are shown with one of them facing up, while the other cards are placed downwards. You'll need to pick a card with a better value than the card facing up. If you pick a higher value card, your earnings are doubled. 

You also have the option to double your winnings. Just use the "deal" button and grow your wins. You can hit a jackpot of 4,000 coins in this slot. The house edge of Jacks or Better is very low and has a house limit of $2,000. The RTP is very high with a percentage of 97.63%.

Bonus Symbols

The game has symbols such as the Jacks or better, two pairs, three cards, straight down to flush. The lowest paying symbol is the Jack or better while the highest paying symbol is the Royal flush which offers a payout of up to 4,000. 

The Jack or better symbol offers a max payout of 5 with the two pairs symbol offering a maximum payout of 10 and the three cards symbol with a max earning of 15. Next is the straight card symbol with a minimum payout of 4 and a maximum of 20. The flush renders a payout of 5 to a max of 25. 

Full house maintains a peak earning of 40. Landing the quads, straight flush and royal flush offers very big minimum payouts. The quad and straight flush payouts a minimum of 25 and 50 respectively, with their highest payouts being 125 and 250 respectively. The highest paying symbol of all is the royal flush with the least payout of 250 to the highest payout of 4,000.

Jacks or Better Slot Mobile Experience

With the game being available on mobile, the interphase of the game looks advanced. Play the game with any device on NetBet casino. Recent technology has made the game easily available on mobile. The mobile version offers the same gameplay. Enjoy the classic experience this video poker slot brings to you.

Demo Version of Jacks or Better Slot

The demo version is available on NetBet casino. This version of the game provides you with a fixed amount to learn with. You get to play the game and understand the game better instead of doing that with real cash. If you exhaust the fixed amount, you can always start over.

Quick Facts

Jack or Betters is a very good variant of video poker slots. The game offers good graphics and quality gameplay. It's very suitable for beginners and experts. With this game, you get a very good amount of entertainment. Lovers of the traditional poker games will surely have a go at this electronic video poker game. Always remember to gamble responsibly!

  • Sep23, 2023