Gladiator Reel

There are different ways to play Gladiator Reel. As you can play it like any regular slot game, you can also save bonus games and play them later. Gladiator Reel comes with a lot of bonus games. You can even win a huge amount of money through these bonus games. 

There are no special requirements for playing Gladiator Reel at NetBet Casino. Demo mode is available on Gladiator Reel. You can use it to practice well before playing with real money. As you can stake high on the Gladiator reel, you can also play as a low roller. As you read further, this review will expose you to everything you need to know about Gladiator Reel.

How to Play Gladiator Reel

To play Gladiator reel, you have to adjust the coin through the buttons. Your coin value will be multiplied by 50. You can easily check your total bet on the left. Finally, you have to click on the green spin. Other buttons you can click on are ‘the turbo spin button’ and ‘the auto spin button’. The bet size you need to play Gladiator Reel on NetBet depends on you. 

As your bet size can be as high as 250.00, it can also be as low as 0.50 per spin. To play Gladiator Reel, you have to know and understand all the symbols. The low-paying symbols are A, K, Q, J, and 10. As the letter A can pay as low as 5x of your stake, it can also pay as high as 75x. The other symbols used in the game are Roman coins, Gladiator’s helmet, Chariot, and Gold coin.

Features and Benefits

Gladiator reel has a lot of interesting features. The graphic design and sound even help to make the game more appealing. The backdrop is made to have a roman colosseum. As all the reels are made with gold, the symbols are made to have a rich red color. Even though there is no continual soundtrack, you will still enjoy the drama in the Gladiator reel.

Bonus Symbols

Free spins are available on Gladiator reel. To activate the free spin feature, you have to get at least 3 scatter symbols. When you get that, we will offer you 8 free spins. There is a money reel feature in the Gladiator reel. To use this feature, you have to get a minimum of 6 money reel symbols, and you will be offered 5 free spins. 

 Lastly, there is a bonus feature known as the jackpot reel. When you get 15 jackpot symbols, you will be entitled to using this feature. All the jackpot reel feature does is increase your bet. When you wager a lot with us, you will get the chance to win big prizes. RTP and Variance The RTP of Gladiator reel is 92.91%. Since the game can be considered as a highly volatile slot, you might win less frequently. Even though you might not record wins every time, you will still earn. Unlike other casino slots, your wins with us will be large.

Bet Size and Wins

Even though scatters pay anywhere, wins are different. They can only pay from left to right. The coin bet multiplies all wins you get with NetBet. The highest prize you can get in the Gladiator reel is 5,000x. The scatter has the highest value. As it can pay as little as 100x, it can also pay as high as 2500x. It depends on the number you use. Out of all symbols, cards have the lowest value. Even though major and mega jackpots can change, the other jackpots are different. They are set to specific values.


With the great 3D graphics and other exciting features, you’re going to enjoy playing Gladiator reel with us. Even as a beginner, you can easily learn and play Gladiator reel at NetBet casino. Since it is a volatile slot, you shouldn’t be surprised to see people winning great prizes. Gladiator Reel is recommended for people who are willing to take high risks to win big.