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Boom Bang!

How To Play Boom Bang Slot

Boom Bang slot is an epic slot game straight out of the Wild West - yee-haw! Get in on the action and learn how to play this cool slot. Like every GAMING1 game, Boom Bang slot is super easy to access and start playing, whether you’re familiar with online slots or completely new to NetBet Casino. 

To get started, simply select your bet size and you’re ready to go! Boom Bang slot is inspired by the traditional slot games found in old-school arcades. It is designed with five reels displaying symbols, but unlike the classic slot game where you simply spin the reels to view the symbols, this game helps you channel your inner bounty hunter and challenges you to shoot the matching symbols as they appear. 

There are 20 paylines, which means there are 20 different ways in which to win in this game. To make things even more interesting, symbols are worth different win amounts and there are some extra features to help you score different wins and giddy up your gameplay in general. Read on for more on these bonus features!

Features and Benefits

As usual, GAMING1 have included several bonus features in this cowboy-inspired slot game to ensure every player gets the most out of the slot. Like many classic casino games, Boom Bang slot has a Wild symbol which, like the other symbols, will appear at random across the reels. This is represented by the explosive Dynamite symbol, and when it appears it replaces other symbols across the reels in order to help you form more winning combinations. 

Another Boom Bang slot feature is its Free Spins which are triggered after four consecutive winning combinations. Free Spins can be awarded in the dozens if you happen to score a lot of wins while you play, so every time you win you’ll enjoy two lots of happiness as well as a boost to your bankroll! 

With a RTP (Return to Player) rating of 96.13%, this is a fairly standard stat for slot games of this calibre. Boom Bang slot also has a medium to high volatility which means that it is pleasantly surprising and you never know what’s coming next. Want to play Boom Bang slot on the go? Read on for more information on playing Boom Bang slot on mobile or tablet!

Boom Bang Slot Mobile Experience

Boom Bang slot is designed from the ground up to be fully responsive across devices. This HTML-5- equipped game works just as well on your mobile or tablet as on your desktop, so you can enjoy the same slick, streamlined game experience whichever device you choose to use. 

Whether you love to spin the reels on the go, or you fancy relaxing at home with your favourite slot in the palm of your hand, all you need is a good internet connection and plenty of battery life and you can enjoy all our top slots on mobile with NetBet Casino. Fans of Boom Bang will get the same experience on their chosen device as they will on their desktop; bold colours, slick transitions and potentially lucrative payouts, the lot!

Boom Bang Slot Free Play

Want to enjoy Boom Bang slot without spending any money? That’s easy when you access it via demo mode, as this gives you the opportunity to try out the various features without having to invest any cash. You can experience all the features and excitement of the game prior to playing the full version, and then if you like the look of Boom Bang slot, you can easily click or tap through to play the real deal. Yee-haw!