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Game Guide: Aviator

If you've heard of Aviator and would like to understand how it works in detail, then this is the right place for you. In the course of our article, we will take a detailed look at what the most interesting features of this Quick Game are, how it works and why it has achieved incredible success.

How to play Aviator

Aviator is a game created by the provider Spribe and falls into the category of Quick Games. Its mechanism has made it popular and famous among players. One of the main reasons is that each user has to make decisions and this is not often found in casino games where everything is almost always predetermined.

In Aviator there is an aeroplane that takes flight. As it rises in altitude, the winnings multiplier also increases. At some point, completely randomly, the plane takes off and the game will stop. If you cashed out before the plane took off, then you will win the prize corresponding to the value of the multiplier at the time you clicked. If, on the other hand, the plane took off before you cash-out, then you will lose the bet.

You can place two bets at a time during the pause period between games. You should be aware, in fact, that there are continuous games and that bets start from 10 cents up to 100 coins for each of the two possibilities. You can, however, also choose to skip a few rounds and only bet once per game.

Features and Advantages
Among the most important features of Aviator, as already mentioned, is certainly the fact that each player can make a decision. Naturally, he will reap the benefits in case of a positive outcome, or take responsibility if the choice is wrong.

One can never tell, in fact, when the plane will take off. It might do so as soon as it lifts into the air or after quite a while. Indeed, games in which even double-digit multipliers are not uncommon.

Another interesting feature, however, is the Automatic Game mode that allows users to be able to set not only the number of games to be played on their own, but also the multiplier value on which to stop. In this way, therefore, it is possible to set one's own personal strategy without running the risk of clicking too late and missing a few opportunities.

Bonus symbols
Aviator is not an online slot machine, so there are no special symbols or symbols with special functions. There is only the plane that takes off and then you have to wait for the moment when it flies away for good.

Mobile experience with the Aviator slot

This Quick Games from Spribe is also available on mobile, without even having to download an app. In fact, the game will optimise itself according to your device, whether it is a smartphone or tablet, and whether you are using an Android or iOS operating system.

Aviator Free Spins or Real Money

Aviator is definitely a game that is very different from the others, and we always recommend that you first play a few test rounds in demo mode. This way, you won't run the risk of being found unprepared. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to fine-tune some personal strategies.

In short
In Aviator, the Return to Player is 97%, which is definitely high. Of course, however, it all depends on when you make the Cash-Out, hoping that the plane has not already left for good. As mentioned, however, the main strength is the possibility to make decisions, unlike other games where, instead, everything is already determined.

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  • May22, 2024